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1903 Golfer’s Record

In 1903 a book, Golfers’ Record, was written on the history of golf in Philadelphia, which was only in its tenth year of golf.

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Lost Golf Courses

In 1893 the Devon Golf Club, which was the first golf course in the Delaware Valley, was constructed. Since then the Devon GC and many others have closed for various reasons.

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Tillinghast Letters to the PGA

In 1935, with the country in the midst of the Great Depression, the PGA of America hired golf course architect A.W. Tillinghast to see what he could do to help golf facilities save money by making changes to their golf courses. He only visited facilities that employed PGA professionals. After each visit he would write a letter back to the club with his recommendations. In turn he would send a copy to the PGA in order to collect his fee.

To view a collection of those letters concerning courses in the Philadelphia area click here.

Vardon 1900 Exhibition at PCC

In 1900 Harry Vardon visited the United States for an 80 plus exhibition tour of the country. In April he was at the Philadelphia CC, where he played the better ball of two local professionals, who having emigrated from British soil, already knew Vardon, Vardon eked out a one-up victory.

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Valley Forge Hospital for Wounded Vets

In 1943 the Philadelphia PGA put together an exhibition featuring 12 pros, 12 men amateurs and 12 lady amateurs from the Philadelphia area, to raise money for the Red Cross. As a result the PGA built a nine-hole golf course at Valley Forge Hospital for wounded veterans. Their star graduate was Charley Boswell. Boswell, who had never played golf had been blinded from the explosion of a tank. Boswell went on to win the National Blind Golf Championship 16 times.

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