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U.S. Open Returns to Merion
June 10-16, 2013

Previous US Open Winners at Merion.
Previous United States Open Winners At Merion
(l. to r.) Olin Dutra 1934, Ben Hogan 1950, Lee Trevino 1971 & David Graham 1981

• 1950 •

1950 U.S. Open
Program Book

Hogan's One-Iron at the
72nd Hole of the Tournament
1950 U.S. Open Program Book

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Ben Hogan’s Caddy at the 1950 U.S. Open
A Correction and a New Mystery

Ben Hogan (right) & Whitey Williams (left no cap)

Pete Trenham's comments and
THE SIDEKICK - by Jeff Silverman

    Read the story here...
Golf World, June 26, 2013

Valeie & Ben Hogan accepting the trophy
from USGA President, James D. Standish, Jr.

Hogan's One-Iron at the
72nd Hole of the Tournament

    US Open & Ben Hogan

• 1950 •

Ben Hogan's Letter to Merion Golf Club
Ghost written by Michael Bamberger
after Ben Hogan's death in 1997

by Fred Byrod
(Phila PGA Hall of Fame
& Phila Inquirer Writer)

The George Fazio Story
by Peter C. Trenham
Phila Golf Magazine 2004

How the Phila Section
Professionals fared in
the 1950 US Open

by Peter C. Trenham

The Ben Hogan Story, a True American Legend, Hershey Country Club Professional 1941 to 1951.


Ben Hogan, the professional at the Hershey Country Club from 1941 to 1951, was an American Legend. While employed as Hershey’s professional Hogan won 47 PGA Tour events and six majors.

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-Pete Trenham

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