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Introduction and Information

A Chronicle of the
Philadelphia Section PGA and Golf in the Philadelphia Area
By Peter C. Trenham

Welcome to a "Chronicle of the Philadelphia PGA and its Members" beginning with the first United States Open in 1895, twenty-one years before the PGA was formed.  I have attempted to mention any golf professional who worked in the area that comprises the Philadelphia Section PGA that did anything noteworthy in tournaments, PGA politics or otherwise.

During each period of time or decade there is a chronicle of the Section’s members.  At the end of each period there is a chapter on the “Leaders” and the “Legends” of that period of time.

There is an employment history of the golf professionals who are in this chronicle and were associated with the Philadelphia Section.

When any golf professional is in the text in red letters, the professional was employed in the Philadelphia Section at that time.  If the name is in black and bold they were employed in the Section either before or after that time.

If you are looking for a particular person, golf facility or event you can use your Find program to help locate them.
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  • If the name you typed in is in that chapter it will be highlighted.
  • You can then hit the Enter key again to see if that name is mentioned again.
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If you know any Philadelphia Section PGA history that should be mentioned I would like to hear about it.  If anything in this history is incorrect I want to correct it.

Peter C. "Pete" Trenham
(610) 407-0837

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