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PGA Philadelphia Section Hall of Fame
(32 Members)

   Joe Aneda  (Class of 1995)
   Ted Bickel, Jr.  (Class of 1998)
   Fred Byrod  (Class of 1993)
   Jack Connelly  (Class of 2000)
   Tim DeBaufre  (Class of 2005)
   Elio A. "Leo" DeGisi  (Class of 2014)
   Leo Diegel  (Class of 2000)
   Ed Dougherty  (Class of 2012)
   Ed Dudley  (Class of 1992)
   George Fazio  (Class of 2008)
   Leo Fraser  (Class of 1992)
   Clarence Hackney  (Class of 2013)
   Harry Hammond  (Class of 2001)
   Dick Hendrickson  (Class of 2007)
   Ben Hogan  (Class of 2003)
   Joe Kirkwood, Sr.  (Class of 2010)
   Bill Kittleman  (Class of 1997)
   Bud Lewis  (Class of 1996)
   Marty Lyons  (Class of 1994)
   Johnny McDermott  (Class of 1992)
   Ted McKenzie  (Class of 2006)
   George McNamara  (Class of 2012)
   Henry McQuiston  (Class of 2005)
   Harry "Jake" Obitz, Jr.  (Class of 2014)
   Sam Penecale  (Class of 1998)
   Joe Phillips  (Class of 2001)
   Henry Picard  (Class of 2007)
   Henry Poe  (Class of 1996)
   John Poole, Jr.  (Class of 2007)
   Skee Riegel  (Class of 1993)
   Ron Rolfe  (Class of 2008)
   Bob Ross  (Class of 1999)
   Dick Smith, Sr.  (Class of 1992)
   Charles "Mike" Swisher  (Class of 2014)
   Pete Trenham  (Class of 1992)
   Art Wall  (Class of 2009)
   Jay Weitzel  (Class of 2011)
   Henry Williams, Jr.  (Class of 1995)

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Peter C. "Pete" Trenham
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The Inaugural Class (1992)
Philadelphia Section Hall of Fame

(left) Johnny McDermott      (right) Ed Dudley

(left) Leo Fraser      (right) Dick Smith, Sr.

Pete Trenham

Hall of Fame - 1992 - 2010
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