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The First Philadelphia Section PGA Championship
BACK ROW - Left to Right
Tim Dinan (Aronimink 1913 HP), Jack Sawyer (Torresdale-Frankford 1912-1965 HP), Bill Leach (Merchantville 1919-21 HP, Overbrook 1922-54 HP), Jim Govan (St. Davids 1900-05 HP, Huntingdon Valley 1905-06, St. Davids 1907-13 HP, Pine Valley 1914-43 HP), George Johnson (Harrisburg 1922 AP), George Griffin Sr. (Belfield 1910-11 HP, Clearfield 1921-23 HP, Green Valley 1924-61 HP), Ivan Crooks (Riverton, Cobbs Creek), Matt Duffy (Merchantville 1922 HP, Cape May 1928-32, League Island 1935 HP), Ernest J. Auty (West Chester 1921 HP, Woodbury 1928 HP, Dave Kirkaldy (Aronimink 1922-23 HP, Concord 1924 HP, James Souter Philadelphia CC 1922 AP, Lester Wicks St. Davids 1922-26 CM Brookline Square 1927 HP, Frank Coltart (Philadelphia CC 1921-26 HP, Sunnybrook 1934-54 HP), Mrs. Percy Sanderson, Percy Sanderson, “Sandy McNiblick” (Public Ledger sports writer).

FOURTH ROW - Left to Right
Stanley Hern (St. Mungo Sales Manager 1916-22), Johnny Rowe (Stenton 1921-24 HP, Aronimink 1924-27 HP, Main Line 1928-29 HP, Sandy Run 1937-41 & 1944-45 HP), George Peters (Belfield 1914 HP, Gulph Mills 1921-24 HP), unnamed lady, George Sayers (Merion 1913-45 HP).

THIRD ROW - Left to Right
Tommy Robinson (St. Davids 1915-27 AP 1928-59 HP), Fred Epting (Spalding Sales Manager 1920-24), Jim Skelly (Wilmington 1922 AP, Birch Hill 1925 HP, Concord 1925-28 HP), Jake Gray (Saucon Valley 1922 CM) Charlie Hoffner (Woodbury 1915 HP, Philmont 1916-28 HP, Ocean City 1927-33 & 1939-42 HP, Pitman 1935-38 HP, Melrose 1943-48 HP, Earlington Park 1949 HP), Jack Campbell (Huntingdon Valley 1903-05 HP, Overbrook 1906-10 HP, Old York Road 1912-46 HP), Lou Goldbeck (Philmont 1919-25 AP, Bala 1926-43 HP), Howard Slattery (Tredyffrin 1920-22 AP 1923-28 HP, Bucks County 1929-32 HP, Valley Forge 1933-34 HP, Glendale 1935 HP), Herb Obendorf (Pro Golf Sales), Bill Byrne (Aronimink 1906-07 HP, Llanerch 908-09 HP, Overbrook 1910-13 HP, St. Davids 1914-27 HP, Cape May 1942-43 HP), George Haak (Bucks County 1921-24 HP, Harrisburg 1925-26 HP, Carlisle 1926 HP, Wolf Hollow 1927-29 HP), Bob Peters (Gulph Mills 1922 AP).

SECOND ROW - Left to Right
Tom Gribbin (Philadelphia CC 1900-26 CM), William Jewson (Philadelphia Cricket Club 1922 AP), Bill Thompson (Riverton 1903-10 HP, Plymouth 1922-23 HP) Wilfred R. Dickinson (Plymouth 1922 AP, Susquehanna Valley 1923-37 HP, Brookside (A) 1938-49 HP), Jim Edmundson (North Hills 1921-30 HP Atlantic Pines 1930-31 HP, Hi-Top 1932-47 HP, Springfield 1948-50 HP), Harold Woodman (Pro Golf Sales), Bob Barnett (Pocono Manor 1918-1919 HP, Tredyffrin 1920-23 HP), Herb Jewson (Woodbury 1916-17 HP, Huntingdon Valley 1919 HP, Roxborough 1920-60 HP), Mrs. Vin O’Donnell, Vin O’Donnell (Wildwood 1918 HP, Pro Golf Sales 1920-25, Langhorne 1926-28 HP, Main Line 1930 HP, Hi-Top 1932 HP, Tavistock 1942 HP) Miss Irene Ray, Al Nelson (Plymouth 1922-23 AP, Abington Hills 1924-27 HP, York 1928 HP, Yardley 1929-34 HP).

FRONT ROW - Left to Right
Walter Wood (Plymouth 1918-19 HP, Spalding Salesman 1921-29), Alex Tait (Wilmington 1922-60 HP), Al Ginther (Newark 1922-26 & 1936-39 HP), Duncan Cuthbert (Riverton 1916-17 & 1919-22 HP, Sandy Run 1929-33 HP), Dan Boardman (Spalding Salesman 1922, Linwood 1929 HP, Coatesville 1930-31 HP), Dan Horgan (Cohanzick 1922-23 HP, Pennsgrove) Earl Super (Lebanon 1922-25 HP), Len Sheppard (Pro Golf Sales 1922-40, North Hills 1943-55 HP), Joe Seka (Stenton 1914-20 HP, Cedarbrook 1920-28 & 1934-49 HP, Philmont 1929-33 HP), Pete Conti (Merion 1921-22 AP, Gulph Mills 1925-37 HP).

Not in Picture
Joe Brennan—Forest View (AP), Andy Campbell—Springhaven (HP), H.H. Coughlan—Cobbs Creek (AP), Jimmy Devlin—Puerto Rico (HP), Jimmy Dougherty—Philadelphia CC (AP), Alex Douglas—Rock Manor (HP), John Edmundson—Llanerch (HP), Howard Jervis—West Chester (HP), Jimmy McAdams—Woodbury (AP), Bill Neilan—Philadelphia CC (AP), Bill Robinson—Philadelphia Cricket Club (HP), Johnny Schuebel—Pro Golf Sales, Bobby Thomson—Saucon Valley (HP).

Legend = HP Head Professional, AP Assistant Professional.

Tredyffrin Country Club, Paoli, Pennsylvania
Monday, June 12, 1922
June 12, 1922 was the date of the very first Philadelphia Section’s PGA Championship held at Tredyffrin Country Club in Paoli, PA. The Section was just seven months old at the time. Pictured are the PGA members and a few of their guests. Thanks to Len Sheppard, who is second from the right in the front row, we know the names of everyone pictured. He had the foresight to write the names on the back of his copy of the photograph, and his son Bob has kept it safely in his possession. Charlie Hoffner and Jack Campbell ended the day in a tie for the championship. Bob Barnett, Section president and host professional for the event, is in front in the white shirt and tie. Percy Sanderson, who was the golf writer for the Public Ledger newspaper and wrote under the moniker of Sandy McNiblick, is on the far right in the back row. The Public Ledger provided the trophy for the championship.
Section History 1921 - 1929

-Pete Trenham, PGA Professional

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