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A Chronicle of the Philadelphia Section PGA and Golf in the Philadelphia Area
by Peter C. Trenham

Section Championships - 1960 to 1979

Al Besselink

September 16, 17 & 18---Bala Golf Club---Philadelphia, PA---Par 68
Host Professional---Bob Marshall
Winner---Al Besselink---PGA Tour---69-61-68=198
Runner-up---Sam Penecale---Whitemarsh Valley Country Club---67-67-67=201

Besselink’s 61 was a course record. The tournament was televised for the first time.

Bernie Haas

August 18, 19 & 20---Buena Vista Country Club---Buena, NJ---Par 72
Host Professional---Ed Carman
Winner---Bernie Haas---Philadelphia Country Club---71-75-71=217
Runner-up---Dick Hendrickson---Country Club of Scranton---72-73-73=218
Dick Sleichter---Gettysburg Country Club---75-72-71=218

Art Wall, Jr.

August 17, 18 & 19---Whitemarsh Valley Country Club---Lafayette Hill, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Sam Penecale
Winner---Art Wall Jr.---Pocono Manor Resort---70-72-71=213
Runner-up---Al Besselink---Philmont Country Club---71-77-67=215

Art Wall, Jr.

September 9, 10 & 11---Atlantic City Country Club---Northfield, NJ---Par 70
Host Professional---Leo Fraser
Winner---Art Wall Jr.--Pocono Manor Resort---67-66-68=201
Runner-up---Al Nelson---Whitford Country Club---67-69-72=208

Al Nelson of Whitford Country Club was not related to Al Nelson of Yardley Country Club who was runner-up in this championship in 1930.

Bob Schoener, Jr.

September 25, 26 & 27---North Hills Country Club---North Hills, PA---Par 71
Host Professional---Bob Ross
Winner---Bob Schoener Jr.---Green Pond Country Club---73-67-75=215
Runner-up---Art Wall Jr.---PGA Tour---72-74-70=216
Dick Hendrickson---Laurel Oak Country Club---73-70-73=216

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Art Wall, Jr.

September 30, October 2 & 3---Llanerch Country Club---Havertown, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Marty Lyons
Winner---Art Wall Jr.---PGA Tour---69-71-70=210
Runner-up---Bob Schoener Jr.---Green Pond Country Club---74-72-71=217

The second round scheduled for October 1 was canceled with 18 players left on the course due to casual water on the greens. The 18 players were the leaders as the players had been repaired.

Bob Shave, Jr.

September 30, October 1 & 2---Laurel Oak Country Club (NLE)----Gibbsboro, NJ---Par 71
Host Professional---Dick Hendrickson
Winner---Bob Shave Jr.---Philadelphia Country Club---72-73-70=215
Runner-up---Dick Hendrickson---Laurel Oak Country Club---77-70-69=216

The first round scheduled for September 29 was rained out.

Bob Ross

August 17, 18, 19---Laurel Oak Country Club (NLE)---Gibbsboro, NJ---Par 71
Host Professional---Dick Hendrickson
Winner---Bob Ross---Philadelphia Cricket Club---68-69-71=208
Runner-up---Bill Kittleman---Merion Golf Club---67-71-75=213

Stan Dudas

September 12, 13, 14 & 15---Brookside Country Club---Macungie, PA---Par 70
Host Professional---Frank Burns
Winner---Stan Dudas---Atlantic City Country Club---74-70-73=217
Runner-up---Dick Hendrickson---Little Mill Country Club---77-73-71=217
Henry McQuiston---Bala Golf Club---72-74-71=217

A playoff was held on September 15. Dudas won with a 66 against a 69 for Hendrickson and a 73 for McQuiston.

Al Besselink

September 29, 30 & October 1---Glen Oak Country Club---Clarks Summit, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Jerry Port
Winner---Al Besselink---Sunny Jim Golf Club---70-69-72=211
Runner-up---Edward “Tim” DeBaufre---PGA Tour---69-73-70=212
Jerry Port---Glen Oak Country Club---68-74-70=212

Sunny Jim Golf Club was later called Medford Village Country Club.

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Marty Furgol

September 28, 29 & 30---Radley Run Country Club---Westchester, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Chet Munson
Winner---Marty Furgol---Ramblewood Country Club---72-73-72=217
Runner-up---Dick Hendrickson---Little Mill Country Club---75-72-71=218
Willie Maples---Philadelphia Country Club---72-71-75=218

The total purse was $7,700. First prize was $1,200, second $800, third $650 and fourth $550. Furgol was 54 years old when he won.

Art Wall, Jr.

September 27, 28 & 29---LeChateau Inn and Country Club---White Haven, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Stewart Sirbaugh
Winner---Art Wall Jr.---PGA Tour---73-69-72=214
Runner-up---Bob Schoener Jr.---Green Pond Country Club---71-72-71=214
Playoff---September 30---Wall 70, Schoener 74

LeChateau Inn and CC became Hershey Pocono Resort, which then became Mountain Laurel Resort. All were at the same location. The winner received $1,500 and the runner-up received $1,000.

Dick Hendrickson

September 18, 19 & 20---Tamiment Resort & Country Club---Tamiment, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Vince Yanovitch
Winner---Dick Hendrickson---PGA Tour---68-72-76=216
Runner-up---Dick Smith---Hi-Point Golf Farm---76-70-70=216

A playoff was held on October 4. Hendrickson won with a 73 against a 75 for Smith. During the first round Smith was assessed a 3 stroke penalty due to trying to correct a problem caused by his caddy moving his ball. Hi-Point Golf Farm became Spring Mill Country Club. The total purse was $12,000. First prize was $2,000 and second was $1,400.

Joe Data

October 1, 2 & 3---North Hills Country Club---North Hills, PA---Par 71
Host Professional---Ron Rolfe
Winner---Joe Data---Philadelphia Country Club---69-69-71=209
Runner-up---John Kennedy---Edgmont Country Club---71-72-70=213

The total purse was $9,000. First prize was $1,700, second $1,100, third $825 and fourth $725.

Dick Smith

October 7, 8 & 9---Philmont Country Club (North Course)---Huntingdon Valley, PA---Par 70
Host Professional---Buzz Garvin
Winner---Dick Smith---Hi Point Golf Farm---70-73-72=215
Runner-up---John Kennedy---Edgmont Country Club---76-73-69=218,p> The total purse was $5,965. Second prize was $850 and third was $700.

Ed Dougherty

September 29, 30 & October 1----Schuylkill Country Club---Orwigsburg, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Roger Stern
Winner---Ed Dougherty---Edgmont Country Club---75-69-68=212
Runner-up---Ted McKenzie---Waynesborough Country Club---69-72-73=214

The total purse was $11,000. First prize was $1800.

Andy Thompson

October 4, 5 & 6---Toftrees Golf Resort---State College, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Peter Duffy
Winner---Andy Thompson---PGA Tour---73-71-74=218
Runner-up---Ed Dougherty---PGA Tour---73-72-74=219

The total purse was $9,750. First prize was $1,500 and second was $1,000.

Dick Smith

October 11, 12 & 13---Saucon Valley Country Club (Grace Course)---Bethlehem, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Jerry Pittman
Winner---Dick Smith---Wedgwood Country Club---74-71-75-220
Runner-up---Ed Dougherty---Edgmont Country Club---73-78-70=221

The total purse was $12,000. First prize was $2,000, second $1,400 and third $1,035.

Mike Nilon

October 10, 11, 12 & 13---Philadelphia Cricket Club---Flourtown, PA---Par 71
Host Professional---Bruce MacDonald
Winner---Mike Nilon---The Springhaven Club---72-76-74-73=295
Runner-up---Tom Robertson---Chester Valley Golf Club---74-76-73-72=295
Jack Connelly---Huntingdon Valley Country Club---74-70-75-76=295
Jeff Steinberg---Berkleigh Country Club---73-75-74-73=295

Nilon won a sudden death playoff with a birdie on the sixth extra hole. The championship was 72 holes for the first time. The total purse was 25,000. First prize was $4,500.

Ted McKenzie

October 29, 30 & 31---North Hills CC---North Hills, PA---Par 71
Host Professional---Ron Rolfe
Winner---Ted McKenzie---Waynesborough Country Club---69-73-74=216
Runner-up---Jack Connelly---Huntingdon Valley Country Club---68-74-75=217

The total purse was $18,000. First prize was $3,000, second $2,000, third $1,500, fourth $1,250 and fifth $1,000.

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