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A Chronicle of the Philadelphia Section PGA and Golf in the Philadelphia Area
by Peter C. Trenham

Section Championships - 1922 to 1939

Charlie Hoffner

June 12---Tredyffrin Country Club---Paoli, PA---Par 70
Host Professional---Bob Barnett
Winner---Charlie Hoffner---Philmont Country Club---78-77=155
Runner-up---Jack Campbell---Old York Road Country Club---76-79=155

Play-off---June 14---Hoffner 77, Campbell 80
First prize was $100 and second was $75. The winner received the Evening Public Ledger Cup for one year. There were sixty-five entries and eleven players finished in the money. Tredyffrin Country Club closed in the mid 1940s.

Bob Barnett

October 8---Stenton Country Club---Philadelphia, PA---Par 71
Host Professional---Johnny Rowe
Winner---Bob Barnett---Chevy Chase Club---71-75=146
Runner-up---Ray Derr---Lu Lu Temple Country Club---73-75=148

Bob Barnett was not a member of the Philadelphia Section. The Chevy Chase Club is in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Derr shot 31 on the fourth nine. Stenton Country Club closed in 1923.

Clarence Hackney

May 12---Linwood Country Club---Linwood, NJ---Par 71
Host Professional---Henry Williams, Sr.
Winner---Clarence Hackney---Atlantic City Country Club---75-73=148
Runner-up---Morrie Talman---Whitemarsh Valley Country Club---73-80=153

The defending champion, Bob Barnett, did not defend his title, as his father died the night before the tournament. There were about twenty entries.

Bob Barnett

June 8---Tredyffrin Country Club---Paoli, PA---Par 70
Host Professional---Howard Slattery
Winner---Bob Barnett---Chevy Chase Club---69-72=141
Runner-up---Jack Sawyer---Torresdale-Frankford Country Club—74-71=145
Clarence Hackney---Atlantic City Country Club---75-70=145

Barnett was the first president of the Philadelphia Section PGA before moving to the Chevy Chase Club, Chevy Chase, Maryland in l923. Tredyffrin Country Club closed in the early 1940s.

Jack Campbell

May 24---Ashbourne Country Club---Cheltenham, PA---Par 70
Host Professional---Dave Cuthbert
Winner---Jack Campbell---Old York Country Club---74-75=149
Runner-up---Jim Edmundson---North Hills Country Club---77-73=150

First prize was $100 and six players earned money.

Joe Coble

May 23---Concord Country Club---Concordville, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Bill Schuebel
Winner---Joe Coble---Philmont Country Club---71-77=148
Runner-up---Bill Leach---Overbrook Golf Club---72-78=150

Concord Country Club added money to the purse and provided a free lunch to every player and visitor. Concord Country Club was formerly called Brinton Lake Club. Coble had a hole-in-one in the first round and his 71 was a course record. Ten players finished in the money.

Clarence Hackney

May 21---Philmont CC (North Course)---Huntingdon, Valley, PA---Par 70
Host Professional---Joe Coble
Winner---Clarence Hackney---Atlantic City Country Club---72-78=150
Runner-up---George Smith---Moorestown Field Club---76-75=151

George Smith

May 20---Bala Golf Club---Philadelphia, PA---Par 68
Host Professional---Lou Goldbeck
Winner---George Smith---Moorestown Field Club---69-73=142
Runner-up---Leo Shea---Riverton Country Club---73-70=143

There was a rules question during the second round concerning Shea`s tee shot on the third hole. He had driven in the direction of a water hazard next to the green and the ball could not be found. Bala Golf Club had a local rule stating that the water hazard was not a penalty if your drive went into it. Shea played a second ball. He made a four with the first ball, assuming his drive was in the hazard and dropping behind the hazard. He made a six with the second ball. The result of the championship was undecided until June 11. The USGA made the ruling that the six was his score as there was little evidence that his ball entered the hazard.

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George Smith

May 19---Bala Golf Club---Philadelphia, PA---Par 68
Host Professional---Lou Goldbeck
Winner---George Smith---Moorestown Field Club---72-67=139
Runner-up---Al Nelson---Yardley Country Club---72-69=141

Smith’s 67 was a course record. There were ten money places and fifteen players finished in the money.

George Griffin, Sr.

May 11---Riverton Country Club---Riverton, NJ---Par 71
Host Professional---Walter Brickley
Winner---George Griffin Sr.---Green Valley Country Club---72-77=149
Runner-up---Bill Cone---The Springhaven Club---75-75=150

There were seven money places and eight players finished in the money.

George Smith

September 26, 27 & 28---Concord Country Club---Concordville, PA---Par 70
Host Professional---Ed Dudley
Winner---George Smith---Moorestown Field Club---1 up 37th hole
Runner-up---Clarence Hackney---Atlantic City Country Club
Medalist---George Griffin Sr.---Green Valley Country Club---69

The Philadelphia Section decided that the Section championship should be played at match play since that was how the PGA of America played their championship.

Charles Schneider, Sr.

August 28, 29 & 30---Huntingdon Valley Country Club---Huntingdon Valley, PA---Par 70
Host Professional---George Low, Sr.
Winner---Charles Schneider, Sr.---Melrose Country Club---9 & 8
Runner-up---Joe Brennan---Bankers Country Club
Medalist---Howard Slattery---Valley Forge Golf Club---70

Slattery started birdie (3), par (4), birdie (2), par (4), eagle (1), par (4) and birdie (4) as he shot 31 on the front nine. After the qualifying was completed and the pairings were set Slattery announced that he was not going to continue in the match play portion of the tournament as he had a commitment to a full schedule of golf lessons. Due to the timing of his announcement George Smith the defending champion who was the first alternate from the qualifying round did not get an opportunity to defend his title. Bankers Country Club became Oak Terrace Country Club and then became Talamore at Oak Terrace. All were at the same location.

Gene Kunes

August 27, 28 & 29---North Hills Country Club---North Hills PA---Par 71
Host Professional---Bill Neilan
Winner---Gene Kunes---Jeffersonville Golf Club---5 & 4 36 holes
Runner-up---Joseph “Bud” Lewis---Jeffersonville Golf Club
Medalist---Gene Kunes---74

Bud Lewis was Gene Kunes’ assistant.

Robert "Buzz" Campbell

August 26, 27 & 28---Whitemarsh Valley Country Club---Lafayette Hill, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Morrie Talman
Winner---Robert “Buzz” Campbell---Old York Road Country Club---6 & 5 36 holes
Runner-up---Harry Markel---Berkshire Country Club
Medalist---Bruce Coltart---Woodcrest Country Club---71

Buzz was the son of Jack Campbell, who won this title in 1926, and his assistant. He was 23 years old. Gene Kunes did not defend his title. He decided to enter the Canadian Open instead and he won it.

Ted Turner

September 21 to 24 & 27---Llanerch Country Club---Havertown, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Marty Lyons
Winner---Ted Turner---Pine Valley Golf Club---2 up 36 holes
Runner-up---Leo Diegel---Philmont Country Club
Medalist---Leo Diegel---70-69=139

The Section combined its Stroke Play and Match Play Championships that year.

Charles Schneider, Sr.

September 27---Llanerch Country Club---Havertown, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Marty Lyons
Winner---Charles Schneider, Sr.---Concord Country Club---70-69=139
Runner-up---Bruce Coltart---Woodcrest Country Club---73-70=143
Clarence Doser---Merion Cricket Club---71-72=143

In an effort to get more publicity for the championship amateurs were invited to enter the tournament. Due to this it was decided that the low professional in the thirty-six hole qualifying round would be the section champion for 1937. Six amateurs entered the qualifying rounds but none played in the match play event. Bruce Coltart won the match play tournament beating Matt Kowal of Philmont Country Club 1up on the 38th hole.

Joe Zarhardt

October 10, 11, 12 & 16---Llanerch Country Club---Havertown, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Marty Lyons
Winner---Joe Zarhardt---Burlington County Country Club---3 & 2---36 holes
Runner-up---Ralph Hutchison---Saucon Valley Country Club
Medalist---Terl Johnson---Plymouth Country Club---73-70=143

Charles Schneider, Sr.

September 18, 19, 20 & 24---Llanerch Country Club---Havertown, PA---Par 72
Host Professional---Marty Lyons
Winner---Charles Schneider, Sr.---Concord Country Club---6 & 5---36 holes
Runner-up---John Beadle---Paxon Hollow Golf Club
Medalist---Byron Nelson---Reading Country Club---68-69=137

Due to prior commitments Nelson could not compete in the championship.

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